Not just another security deposit option
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Give yourself the flexibility to do more and pay less.

Moving is expensive, but now you can ditch your deposit. FlexDeposit, an exclusive offer from your leasing office, gives you the option to pay only a low nonrefundable one-time fee that’s a fraction of what you’d normally pay for a security deposit.

How It Works

FlexDeposit is a surety bond, which essentially means you’ll pay Assurant a nonrefundable fee and we’ll pay your property manager up to the bond limit amount to cover costs related to rental property damage or an unfulfilled lease agreement.

If we pay your property manager, then you pay us back. If not, then you’re good to go — with more cash to spend on fun stuff like getting your new home squared away just the way you like it.

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Put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket.
Let’s say your security deposit is $1,000. With FlexDeposit, you could pay a nonrefundable one-time fee as low as $100.
  • Rates are based on your FICO score
  • Lasts the length of your lease or up to the life of the bond
  • Moves with you if you stay in the same community or one owned by the same company

Visit your community leasing office to opt in to FlexDeposit.

Ditch your deposit

  • Enroll in two minutes or less
  • Rates are based on your FICO score
  • Move within your community without paying another deposit